Brain Hunt Info Net

 Price Winning Competition


 We are a growing information network.Our aim is to support the brilliant students financially so that they can compete in the present scenario.That is why in this year 2013 we are conducting a brain hunt test.The winners will be awarded a huge amount of cash prizes.We also provide consultancy services to various institutes along with our information network.

50,000 /-

First Price

This prize amount will help you the students in carrier oriented examination preparation.Our this step to conduct such a brain hunt competition will be a milestone in diminishing the gap between school/college education and various carrier oriented examinations such as UPSC,SSC,BANKING SECTOR & CAMPUS PLACEMENT.

what's new?

This is GOLDEN opportunity for students to check their level of preparation as well as to get the a huge amount.

This is a super-fast in various aspects such as registration,admit card,examination,result and prize distribution will takes places in just 45 days after opening of registration.

The brain hunt test contains a good level of paper so that you can prove yourself in a better way and get confidence for further examinations.